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Mixing Services
Mixing for me is the most important stage for the artist. I’m always dedicated to making their writings sound right.
My mission is to understand the point of view of the artist/band and to translate the emotions they want to communicate by giving the absolute dimension of their music, as well as emphasizing and respecting their artistic expression.
Mixing Info:
Protools sessions or individual audio files are accepted.
Delivery of audio files for mixing can be transferred by using any type of cloud based file transfer services such as ‘WeTransfer’, ‘Hightail’, ‘Dropbox’, etc….


When delivering individual files (other than ProTools sessions) for mixing purposes, please make sure you gather all the infos below:
-Sample Rate
-All tracks need to be exported from the same starting point.
-All tracks need to be labeled properly, shortly and easily.


Note: It is a big plus for me if you can provide a DI track for bass and guitars as I can always use these for reamping purposes if the need arises.